Title: Shackled: A Dark Bratva Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
Series: Wicked Vows #5

Jane Henry's steaming-hot series 'Wicked Vows' series continues with "Shackled: A Dark Bratva Enemies to Lovers Romance" - Lev's story (full Blurb coming soon!).


Title: Obsession: A Dark Romantic Suspense Novel


A steamy hot, obsessive anti-hero, standalone romantic suspense by USA Today Bestselling Author Jane Henry

They call him the executioner.
Some say monster.
Dishonorably discharged from the military, he runs a highly secret, clandestine
operation, and has everything I need to find the justice I crave.
Power players at his disposal.
An insatiable hunger for justice.
A reckless disregard for the law.
I offer him my skills, but that's not what he wants...
He wants me.
And Cain Master always gets what he wants.

Obsession: A Dark Romantic Suspense Novel was previously published as Vengeance and Atonement, The Master's Protégé duet, now revised and combined into one full length novel.


Title: Scourge: A Dark Bratva Forced Marriage Romance
Series: Wicked Vows #4

A sizzling-hot, forced marriage, boy falls first, dark Bratva stand-alone romance by USA Today bestselling author, Jane Henry.

In the dark underworld of the Russian Bratva, I’ve finally claimed the object of my obsession: Lydia Ivanova.

Beautiful and passionate, she’s fire and ice, and I want her. I need her.

Lydia is my prize. My spoils of war.

Only she doesn’t know that yet.

Forced into marriage with me to protect her from those that would destroy us, I vow to keep her secure at all costs… even when she fights me tooth and nail.

Can I protect Lydia without consuming her, or will our love story end in ashes? The stakes have never been higher, and for Lydia… I will burn the world.


Title: Seduction: A Dark Bratva Fake Marriage Romance
Series: Wicked Vows #3

My mission is simple yet deadly—pose as the newly hired bodyguard for Vera Ivanova and assassinate her father.

But Vera, clever and defiant, doesn’t want a bodyguard. Instead, she proposes a dangerous game: I’ll be her fake husband in public.

Vera is unlike anyone I’ve encountered—intelligent, gorgeous, untamed and untouched. Everything I want and nothing I can have.

The utter destruction and demise of my ultimate plan.

Consumed  by desire, I choose a new tactic: seduction.

I vow to show her a world of both pleasure and pain, a world  she’s only imagined in her darkest fantasies and the pages of her books. Yet, Vera proves to be more than a match for me, ensnaring me in her own game of temptation and turning me into a man obsessed.

Now, caught in a war between duty and passion… I’m torn between the loyalty to my family and my seductive love for the enemy.


Title: Wanted


They call me Vigilante because I make my own laws.
Because I get retribution when there’s none to be had.
Because my name is Jace Mercy... but I show none.


Stood up at the altar, I ran from everything familiar... and straight into trouble.
Now I’m the lone witness to a backwoods execution.
A wanted woman with a price on my head.

I’m trapped in a cabin with the one man who can save me.
I’m under his protection.
I’m in his bed.
But there’s a price to pay for his protection.
Total submission.
And there’s nowhere left to run…


Title: Deliverance
Series: NYC Doms #1

He’s bred to protect.

Tobias Creed likes things done his way, and he likes his women ready to submit. No strings attached. Until the night he meets the one woman who challenges him, practically begging to be taken over his knee.

As a single mom to a child with special needs, Diana McAdams does things her way. She’s in control and doesn't have time for love. Happily-ever-afters aren’t for her.

Then she meets the man who demands her submission...


Title: Sovereign: A Dark Bratva Forced Marriage Romance
Series: Wicked Vows #1

Powerful and merciless. Cunning and cruel.
A monster wrapped in luxury and wealth.
Mikhail Romanov is my opposite in every way…
And my new husband.

In exchange for his protection…
He’ll demand everything from me.
My obedience...My submission....My body.

But marriage is only the beginning.
I’ll have his baby, too.

I thought I was clever. A penniless hacker hiding from the world.
That no one would discover who I am and what I’ve done...I was so wrong.

The Solution: Marry the man more powerful than my enemies.
While endless wealth and power don’t melt his icy glare…
The fiery tension between us threatens to combust every second we’re near.
Every command.
Every touch.

If I leave, I have nowhere to go.
I’m being hunted by his enemies.
But if I stay? I’m wedded to a monster who plans to keep me forever.



Title: Priceless
Series: Ruthless Doms #1

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry delivers a high-stakes, gritty story of forbidden romance, devastation, and taboo love that knows no bounds.

She's barely legal.
Under my protection.
Fully off-limits.
But all mine.

A fully stand-alone spin-off from The Wicked Doms series.

The Bratva’s Baby

Title: The Bratva's Baby
Series: Wicked Doms #1

My orders are simple.
Capture her.
Marry her.
Take her inheritance.
Get rid of her.

The bookish little recluse is worth more than she knows.

She’s an unassuming librarian.
I’m the brigadier of the Russian Bratva.
She has no friends.
I command a small army.
She’s a modest woman.

And now she’s mine.