Yogasm: A Romantic Comedy

Title: Yogasm: A Romantic Comedy

Restaurant owner and bajillionaire Miguel Santiago literally tops the list of Boston’s Most Notorious Bachelors. He’s also handsome as sin, a world-class a*hole, and thanks to the fickle real estate gods? My new neighbor.

When my BFFs and I opened Yogasm right next to his restaurant, we had no idea he wanted the space. Nothing personal, big guy.

Now that we’re here, we’re not leaving, no matter what kind of Epic Playboy Tantrum he throws. The best way to handle a bully is to ignore them, right? So that’s exactly what I plan to do.

His smoldery dark eyes? Pfft. I barely notice them.
His broad, muscled shoulders? Samesies.
The way he smiles that slow, crooked smile like he wants to show me exactly how he earned that spot on the Notorious List? So. Super. Ignorable.

But when his feisty little niece comes to me for help locating her mother… well, that’s the kind of thing a girl like me can’t ignore, even if it forces me to get right up close and way-too-personal with the force of nature next door.

If Mr. Notorious wants a battle of the wills, he’d better buckle up, because this girl plays to win…