Dungeon Daddy: A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale

Title: Dungeon Daddy: A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale
Series: Billionaire Daddies #3
Contributors: Jane Henry
Published by: J Henry Publishing Inc.
Release Date: December 17, 2017
Genre: , ,
Pages: 220

His protection comes at a price: total submissionRae:Imprisoned in my tower, shut away from the world.

I lived in the pages of my books—and my fantasies.

Then he rescued me. Made me his.

He becomes the best Daddy I’ve ever known—caring yet stern.

Ryder: Kept captive her whole life, she’s the perfect combination of beauty and innocence.

I bring her to Limits, the high-end, exclusive, members-only Club… my home.

Now she’s under my roof and my protection.I’ll protect her, keep her safe…

And all she has to do is obey.

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