Dungeon Daddy: A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale

Title: Dungeon Daddy: A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale
Contributors: Jane Henry
Series: Billionaire Daddies #3
Release Date: December 17, 2017
Pages: 220

His protection comes at a price: total submission

Imprisoned in my tower, shut away from the world, I lived in the pages of my books—and my fantasies.

Then he rescued me. Made me his.

He becomes the best Daddy I’ve ever known—caring yet stern.


Kept captive her whole life, she’s the perfect combination of beauty and innocence.

I bring her to Limits, the high-end, exclusive, members-only Club… my home.
Now she’s under my roof and my protection.

I’ll protect her, keep her safe…
And all she has to do is obey

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