Title: Criminal
Series: Undercover Doms #1

He’s everything I hate. And he’s going to break me.

I thought I could take the law into my hands. I was wrong.

When I trespassed in the territory of the FBI’s most wanted, I thought I’d earn respect, maybe even a promotion. Instead, I was caught.

He’s going to strip me of everything -- my clothes, my pride, my limits. He’s going to make me endure discipline and worse than that, pleasure.

I can’t help myself.

I’m falling in love with a monster.

Everything about him is just plain… criminal.

Hard Time

Title: Hard Time
Series: Undercover Doms #2

Jasmine Francoise lives to taunt the law. The FBI. Me.

I'll bring her to justice.
She's going down.
She’ll scream her confession over my knee. In my bed.
In the end, I might just save her, but not before she's learned her lesson.
She deserves hard time.
I’ll make sure she gets it.