Atonement: A Dark Romance

Title: Atonement: A Dark Romance
Series: Master's Protégé #2
Contributors: Jane Henry
Published by: J Henry Publishing Inc.
Release Date: October 22, 2021
Genre: ,
Pages: 234
From the moment I first saw Violet Price, she bewitched me with her violet eyes,
Her bravery,
Her drive for justice.I was obsessed.
I needed her all to myself.


So I led her here.
I made her think it was her choice.

I demanded she give herself to me,
And in return...I gave her everything she craved.

She sought vengeance,
My gift to her.
My atonement for the sins I've committed.

But it's time she learned the real truth...
And it's time to give her what she came for.

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