Title: Sanctum: A Dark Bratva Arranged Marriage Romance
Series: Wicked Vows #2

When I run, he always chases.
Where I go, he always follows.
Primal, Powerful, Possessive.
Aleksandr Romanov is my nemesis...
And my new husband.

He thinks I’m the spoiled mafia princess.
That I have the world at my fingertips.
I may be his new wife,
But he doesn’t know the real me.
No one does.

But when Aleksandr touches me,
He cuts me wide open,
As if trying to see the secrets I hide.

Every touch becomes foreplay,
Every look stokes our passion.
Our hatred turns to obsession.

But when he unearths the secrets I’ve kept well hidden from the world…
I have nowhere left to hide.
No one to save me from the truth,
No one to save me from my enemies…
No one to save me from the only man I’ve ever loved.


Title: Shackled: A Dark Bratva Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
Series: Wicked Vows #5

Jane Henry’s steaming-hot series ‘Wicked Vows‘ series continues with “Shackled: A Dark Bratva Enemies to Lovers Romance” – Lev’s story (full Blurb coming soon!).

Island Captive

Title: Island Captive
I was hired to apprehend a monster - a Dom who’d been sentenced to life for killing his submissive.
I’ve seen what he’s capable of, and the images will haunt me forever.
I swore I’d stop at nothing to put him behind bars.But then our plane back to the States crashes.

We are the only two survivors.

And the monster will make me wish I’d died along with the rest of them.


Title: Adoration
Series: Montavio Brotherhood #2

In a world shrouded in secrets and desire, Quinn's life takes a treacherous turn when she witnesses Adriano, a dominant and possessive billionaire, commit an act of ruthless vengeance. Quinn faces a choice: give up her life, or become Adriano's wife.

Caught between her past and a dangerous present, Quinn discovers an unlikely sanctuary in the arms of a man trained to kill.

In this gripping story of seduction and power, Quinn and Adriano navigate the dangers of the mafia world. Can obsession be the language of love? Can love transcend the barriers of loyalty and revenge?


Title: Opposition
Series: NYC Doms #6

I hate Liam Alexander.
I hate his Rolex.
I hate his scowl.
I hate everything his multi-billion-dollar company stands for.

When the pompous, rich, arrogant jerk comes strutting into the coffee shop,
I barely manage civility.

But people make mistakes, and when I screw up, it's epic.

I never expected the jerk would actually be a well-respected member of Club Verge.
I never should have trusted the masked stranger when he beckoned me.
I never should have taken him up on his offer.

And the biggest mistake of my life?
Letting him kiss me.