Title: Keenan
Series: Dangerous Doms #1


I’ve been kept in a gilded cage.
Hidden from the world of men.
I was naïve.
I was innocent.
Until him.
Until the night the King of the criminal underworld took me as his own.


I’m heir to the throne.
The King of the underworld.
When the livelihood of my men is at stake, I take no prisoners…
Until her.

No one will touch her.
She's mine.
My captive.
My wife.


Title: Cormac
Series: Dangerous Doms #2

They promised me as tribute.

Youngest of six, I'm untouched.


And in the world of the Irish mafia...



I'm given to a man I've never met.

Forced into a union I didn't condone.

Owned by a dangerous rival.


He may take what's his, but he won't steal my heart.


Title: Nolan
Series: Dangerous Doms #3

She’s my nemesis.
My prisoner.
I‘ll make her beg for mercy.
I’ll make her scream my name.
I’ll make her mine.

Sheena Hurston’s been a thorn in my side for years.
But when she tries to bring my family to ruin, I’m done playing games.
She will pay for what she’s done.
No one comes before my family.

Sheena belongs to me.


Title: Carson
Series: Dangerous Doms #4

Carson Flynn is dangerous and brooding.
Intensely possessive.
Angry, fierce...

He’s a member of the Clan. A criminal.
And a single father who’d burn the world for his daughter.

But when he turns his eye on me, I know I should run.
I should definitely hide.
But it’s already too late...

Because when Carson sets his mind on something, he gets what he wants.

And what he wants... is me.


Title: Lachlan
Series: Dangerous Doms #5

Fiona Hurston was too young when we first met.
Too naïve.
Too innocent.
Too tempting.

I vowed to protect her, to keep her safe, and I have, for five long years.
Even when keeping her safe meant keeping my distance.
Even when the greatest threat to her innocence was me.

But Fiona’s not a girl anymore.
When danger’s at her door and we’re forced together, I won’t back down.
I’ll defend her. I’ll shield her. I’ll comfort and keep her.

Because Fiona Hurston is all grown up now.
And it’s time she realized... she’s mine.


Title: Tiernan
Series: Dangerous Doms #6

When I knew Aisling, she was my sister’s best friend.

But that was then.

Now I’m hardened and ruthless.
A bare-knuckle boxer. An enforcer for the Clan.
And that carefree girl is a slave to her addictions with demons in her eyes.

When she witnesses a murder—a murder I committed—
I have no choice but to take her.

I’ll keep her silent.
I’ll keep her hostage.
I’ll see her freed from her addictions.

And then I’ll keep her bound to me… forever.


Title: Tully
Series: Dangerous Doms #7

Don't let her mousy appearance fool you...
McKenna Byrne is fire.
She seared my soul from our very first kiss.

Once, she wanted a chance at independence.
A life away from the Clan.

Then danger threw us back together,
And when McKenna and I collide...
We ignite.
Now I'm forced to claim her.
To make her a full-fledged woman of the Clan.
She might fight me tooth and nail,
But we both love a challenge.

This time, there'll be no escape for either of us.
This time, we'll burn...