Oath of Silence: A Dark Mafia Romance

Title: Oath of Silence: A Dark Mafia Romance
Series: Deviant Doms #1

I'll give her my ring to claim my crown.

Vittoria DeSanto leaves me no choice.

What she knows could destroy me.
Destroy my family.
And I won't allow that.

She's homeless, penniless, powerless.
I’ll give her the life of a mafia princess.
Anything she desires will be hers…

Except her freedom.

Because our marriage will make me The Boss of the Rossi crime family.
My word is law.
All must respect my authority,
Especially Vittoria.

The stubborn woman will learn.

Her place is by my side.
In my bed.
Over. My. Knee.

Oath of Obedience: A Dark Mafia Romance

Title: Oath of Obedience: A Dark Mafia Romance
Series: Deviant Doms #2

Marriage to a stranger is only the beginning.
She'll have my baby, too.

Many things have changed while I've been in prison.
The Family has been decimated.
Our enemies have gotten bolder.
My brother has taken the reins as the new Boss.

But one thing hasn’t changed: my loyalty.
So when I’m released from prison only to be shackled to the daughter of our organization’s biggest traitor, I agree.

My new wife has taken oaths to love, honor, and obey.

I don’t want her affection.
I don’t need her honor.
But I will gladly take pleasure in her body.
I will force her to carry my child.
And I will have her obedience.

But when the dark, dangerous secret she harbors threatens to destroy us, my unwilling bride will learn exactly how I mete out punishment to those who break their oaths...

Oath of Fidelity: A Dark Mafia Romance

oath of fidelityTitle: Oath of Fidelity: A Dark Mafia Romance
Series: Deviant Doms #3

She’ll pay the price for her betrayal… as my bride.

Elise Regazza is beautiful.
She’s also a liar.
A schemer.
A woman who betrayed The Family.
And she owes her life for what she’s done.

When she begs for mercy, I offer her a single choice: Marry me.
Solidify my power in The Family.
And she agrees.

But make no mistake, little Elise will never be free.

Now our vows will be her shackles.
My rules will be her collar.
And disloyalty will not be tolerated.

The traitor will learn to honor and obey the man she hates…
For better or for worse.
Until death do us part.

Oath of Sacrifice

Title: Oath of Sacrifice
Series: Deviant Doms #4

I'll make her my wife, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

I've loved Rosa Rossi for so long, it feels as natural as breathing.
But our love is forbidden. Taboo.

If we're discovered,
My life is forfeit,
And she'll be exiled forever.

But I know...

I see through every glance sent my way
I feel every pulse of her heart.

Now her life is danger,
And she's under my protection.
My job to keep her safe.

The woman will obey me, or suffer the consequences.

Oath of Seduction

Title: Oath of Seduction
Series: Deviant Doms #5

It began with a one-night stand.
Two lonely strangers.
One fiery attraction.
Nothing to lose…
Or so we thought.

But actions have consequences.
And in the morning light, pretty little Detective Emma King will have to face hers.
The man she let into her bed, the man she fully submitted to...
Is none other than Mario Rossi.
The player.
The mastermind of the family she hates.
The man she’s determined to destroy.

And now the only choices that remain to her are death… or marriage to me.

She's as smart as a whip and clever as a fox.
Sensual and seductive.
She’s determined not to yield to me again...
But I know what she craves. What she needs.

So I’ve taken another oath.
To seduce her.
To punish her.
To enthrall her.
To make her blood sing for me and her body crave mine.

I might be known as a player, but Emma will soon learn…
When I play, I always win.

Oath of Possession

Title: Oath of Possession
Series: Deviant Doms #6

Vivia Montavio is a traitor, and it’s my job to see to her punishment and interrogation.
What a tragedy.

She’s the hottest little number I’ve ever seen with that defiant little chin and eyes that spark with wit and boldness. I love a good challenge.

We’re left with little choice when the truth outs.
So I take her far, far away to La Cabina, a rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere.
To…interrogate her.
Discover the truth.

But when I uncover more than I anticipated, she’s not the only guilty one.
Because now that we’re alone, I’ll take whatever I want.
The truth.
Her innocence.

She’s in danger, but there’s only one way to protect her now:
Claim her as mine.
Keep her captive.
Possess her.

And there’s no one left to protect her from me.

Oath of Submission

Title: Oath of Submission
Series: Deviant Doms #7

When Marialena Rossi sauntered into my life and destroyed my plans, little did she know what she was getting into. Who I am. The consequences.

She'll take my name.
Bear my children.

No matter what, she'll learn two things: Vows are unbreakable, and my word is law.