Master Me

Title: Master Me
Series: Masters of Corsica #2

Savannah is beautiful. Brilliant. Brighter than a ray of sunshine.
She’s also way too young for me and practically family.
But she’s in trouble.

When she witnesses a murder at the hands of rival mafia, Savannah flees to the only safe refuge she knows — my family.

My life is ordered. Careful. Disciplined. But when Savannah needs protection, I can’t turn her away.

I offer her a deal: I’ll take her into my custody. Hide her in plain sight at Le Luxe, the club I own and operate for those who understand the pleasure that comes with total surrender.

I’ll keep her safe, no matter the cost.

In return, she'll follow my rules. Masquerade as the perfect submissive.
Obey me.

Our ruse might save her life…but will it save her from me?


Title: Adoration
Series: Montavio Brotherhood #2

In a world shrouded in secrets and desire, Quinn's life takes a treacherous turn when she witnesses Adriano, a dominant and possessive billionaire, commit an act of ruthless vengeance. Quinn faces a choice: give up her life, or become Adriano's wife.

Caught between her past and a dangerous present, Quinn discovers an unlikely sanctuary in the arms of a man trained to kill.

In this gripping story of seduction and power, Quinn and Adriano navigate the dangers of the mafia world. Can obsession be the language of love? Can love transcend the barriers of loyalty and revenge?

Oath of Fidelity: A Dark Mafia Romance

oath of fidelityTitle: Oath of Fidelity: A Dark Mafia Romance
Series: Deviant Doms #3

She’ll pay the price for her betrayal… as my bride.

Elise Regazza is beautiful.
She’s also a liar.
A schemer.
A woman who betrayed The Family.
And she owes her life for what she’s done.

When she begs for mercy, I offer her a single choice: Marry me.
Solidify my power in The Family.
And she agrees.

But make no mistake, little Elise will never be free.

Now our vows will be her shackles.
My rules will be her collar.
And disloyalty will not be tolerated.

The traitor will learn to honor and obey the man she hates…
For better or for worse.
Until death do us part.


Title: Beloved
Series: Montavio Brotherhood #3

The moment I meet Ricco Montavio, my world tilts on its axis.

Hotter than hell and maddeningly dominant, he’s suddenly in my world on the regular: in my massage studio, at my daughter’s preschool, on my front porch, in my every waking thought

Why me?

I’m a rule follower. A single mom just trying to make ends meet who was not looking to hook-up with anyone… much less a King of the Boston Underworld who makes his own rules.
Every fiber of my being screams at me to run.

But instead...
I kneel.
I submit.

I plummet headlong into a love affair with the most dangerous man I’ve ever met, a man who’s clearly keeping secrets.
I know Ricco Montavio breaks people for a living.
I can only hope his secrets don’t break me.

Possess Me

Title: Possess Me
Series: Masters of Corsica #3


Lyam Gerard is my mortal enemy….
And the father of my unborn baby. I should have known he was a monster when I betrayed him.
I should have realized that in the ruthless world of the mafia, my actions would be met with punishment.
But I fell for the wounded bad boy who knew just what I craved.

Now, I am his possession, and he’s determined to make me pay for my sins…

On my knees.
Bent over his desk.
Tied to his bed.

I shouldn’t want this—shouldn’t want him—yet part of me yearns to submit to his dark, depraved demands.

But in Lyam’s world, loyalty is everything. And when he uncovers the truth I’ve been hiding all along, I know that will be the end of us…

Because it will be the end of me...

Oath of Sacrifice

Title: Oath of Sacrifice
Series: Deviant Doms #4

I'll make her my wife, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

I've loved Rosa Rossi for so long, it feels as natural as breathing.
But our love is forbidden. Taboo.

If we're discovered,
My life is forfeit,
And she'll be exiled forever.

But I know...

I see through every glance sent my way
I feel every pulse of her heart.

Now her life is danger,
And she's under my protection.
My job to keep her safe.

The woman will obey me, or suffer the consequences.


Title: Carson
Series: Dangerous Doms #4

Carson Flynn is dangerous and brooding.
Intensely possessive.
Angry, fierce...

He’s a member of the Clan. A criminal.
And a single father who’d burn the world for his daughter.

But when he turns his eye on me, I know I should run.
I should definitely hide.
But it’s already too late...

Because when Carson sets his mind on something, he gets what he wants.

And what he wants... is me.


Title: Infatuation: A Slow Burn Dark Mafia Romance
Series: Montavio Brotherhood #4

I'm in love with Timeo Montavio.
If only it were that simple.

He's my best friend. Practically my brother-in-law...
And a cold-blooded killer.

I mourned his loss when he vanished from my life six months ago.
But now he's back, and he's no longer the boy I once knew.
There's a darkness in his eyes that chills me to the bone.

When a blizzard holds us prisoner in Bella Notte -- a members only club harboring secrets within its walls -- I have nowhere to run.

Even when I want to...


Title: Lachlan
Series: Dangerous Doms #5

Fiona Hurston was too young when we first met.
Too naïve.
Too innocent.
Too tempting.

I vowed to protect her, to keep her safe, and I have, for five long years.
Even when keeping her safe meant keeping my distance.
Even when the greatest threat to her innocence was me.

But Fiona’s not a girl anymore.
When danger’s at her door and we’re forced together, I won’t back down.
I’ll defend her. I’ll shield her. I’ll comfort and keep her.

Because Fiona Hurston is all grown up now.
And it’s time she realized... she’s mine.

Oath of Seduction

Title: Oath of Seduction
Series: Deviant Doms #5

It began with a one-night stand.
Two lonely strangers.
One fiery attraction.
Nothing to lose…
Or so we thought.

But actions have consequences.
And in the morning light, pretty little Detective Emma King will have to face hers.
The man she let into her bed, the man she fully submitted to...
Is none other than Mario Rossi.
The player.
The mastermind of the family she hates.
The man she’s determined to destroy.

And now the only choices that remain to her are death… or marriage to me.

She's as smart as a whip and clever as a fox.
Sensual and seductive.
She’s determined not to yield to me again...
But I know what she craves. What she needs.

So I’ve taken another oath.
To seduce her.
To punish her.
To enthrall her.
To make her blood sing for me and her body crave mine.

I might be known as a player, but Emma will soon learn…
When I play, I always win.